How French Women Do Beauty


It’s the question we all want to know: how are French women so gosh darn beautiful?

Maybe it’s something in the air, the coffee they drink or the delectable cuisine, but there’s something about French women we find so utterly captivating. Their very movements — the way they wear their clothes and swipe on their red lipstick — are so effortlessly beautiful that, in comparison to the doctored appearances of Americans, is a breath of fresh air we desperately crave more of.

We covet French beauty secrets like a banker covets money. We want it, we feel better with it, but as much as we try to understand it, we can’t. Its nature is elusive, thus making it even more desirable.

The desire to get quintessentially perfect French girl skin and hair has been strong with us for a while, so after years of testing, researching and recalibrating, we think we may have finally uncovered the secrets to effortless French girl beauty.

Here’s how French women do beauty:

1. Skin Care As  Makeup

For the French, makeup is the dessert to a perfectly balanced meal where skincare is the entree. Like dessert, makeup is indulged in sparingly and with great care. What French women really can’t get enough of is skincare. The effortless look they’re known for actually comes from a regimented beauty routine that involves serums, moisturizers, facials, spa treatments, and other products. The importance of skincare is learned at an early age, but as for makeup, aside from several swipes of lipstick and a coat of mascara, it is virtually nonexistent.

2. Mid-Day Touch Ups

Unlike mid-day touch ups in the US that involve a quick trip to the powder room for a re-up of lipstick, eyeliner or setting powder, touch ups in France involve botanical facial mists. A spritz of mist instantly elevates the appearance of tired skin and will leave you looking and feeling hydrated and fresh.

3. Go To Bed Bare Faced

This means going to bed without any serum, overnight mask, medication, anything. The purpose of this is to allow the skin to breathe, which is perfect because your skin is detoxing while you sleep anyway! After cleansing, toning and (maybe) putting on a mask, French women go to bed au naturale.

It’s all about giving your skin the TLC it deserves!

4. Use Thermal Spring Water, Not Tap

Tap water can be drying on the skin, so some French women will opt for fresh water facials and thermal spring water mists to remove their makeup and other impurities at the end of the day. If going down the route, simply spritz thermal spring water on some cotton balls and gently remove any makeup, dirt or oil.

5. Find Your Signature Lipstick

A good lipstick can do great things for one’s look and confidence. If French women do wear makeup, you better believe it’s going to be a bold red or fierce orange lipstick that instantly pulls their entire look together. I can’t do without my red lipstick and can personally attest to its confidence-boosting power. Once you find your signature shade, getting ready in the morning will be 10x easier and you too will have that effortless look people love.

6. Don’t Touch That Iron!

French women don’t style their hair with damaging styling tools such as curling and flatirons. Much as is the case with makeup and skincare, the French direct their energies towards hair care, not styling. They achieve manageable, silky tresses with the aid of hair masks, serums and hair oils. Once you find products that work for your hair type, stick with them!

7. Drink Lots & Lots Of Water

A not-so-well-kept beauty secret is that water is great for turning back the hands of time and keeping the skin hydrated. The trick is to drink the right water: alkaline water. Tap and filtered water are acidic and cause inflammation, while alkaline water is anti-inflammatory and allows the cells to absorb water more easily and at a faster rate, therefore keeping you hydrated for longer periods of time. French women understand water’s magical properties and drink it like their life depends on it. In a way, all of our lives depend on water, so drink up!

8. Enjoy What You’re Eating

The French way of life is slower than that of Americans. This comes through in the way the French take their meals and the manner in which they enjoy their food. In France, a lot of attention is placed on what is being eaten, the quality of the ingredients, and the company. Meals can take up to 2 hours and only the freshest, most organic ingredients are chosen. French women get pleasure from their meals, so they are more diligent about what they’re eating which, in turn, helps them eat healthier and, in the long run, look better! Be mindful of what you’re eating and how often you’re eating it. Food plays an important role in our appearance, so chew wisely!

9. Confidence

What’s the one trait all French women share? Confidence! Through their minimalist beauty routine and emphasis on skincare, they’ve learned to embrace their unique characteristics and traits. These traits include wrinkles, moles, everything they were born with. French women accept who they are and what they’re working with and strive to emphasize their individuality by placing special care and attention on their face and body.

When it comes to French beauty, it’s important to remember two things:

  1. Focus on preventative measures; not remedies.
  2. Your skincare routine is specific to your needs and skin type; have patience when tailoring a beauty regimen for your skin.

Most importantly, be confident and embrace your individuality! Flaunt your natural hair and features; they’re beautiful!



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