How To Make Your Own Rosewater


If you haven’t used rosewater in your beauty routine, you’re missing out! Rosewater has numerous beauty benefits such as improving skin tone, fighting acne and moisturizing skin. It’s about time you give it a try and learn how to make your own rosewater!

Rosewater is something you have to have in your daily skincare regimen! It helps hydrate and revitalize the skin as well as maintain its pH balance. When it comes to acne, eczema, dermatitis, scars and wounds, rosewater helps heal these and other skin conditions. Further, it has antibacterial and antioxidant properties which make it effective in treating fungal infections and reducing the signs of premature aging.

The benefits are endless which is why you should totally make your own at home!

Keep on reading to learn how to make your own rosewater.

Method 1

Step 1

Clean your rose petals thoroughly with water to remove any dirt or pesticide residue.


Step 2

Put the rose petals in a pan with distilled water on low heat, left uncovered. Pour enough water to barely submerge the rose petals. Don’t boil the petals!


Step 3

Strain the petals from the water with a colander or sieve. Once you’ve strained your rosewater, transfer it to a small vial or spray bottle.


Strain the petals from the water. image via Tiffy Quake


Method 2

Step 1

Another way to make rosewater is to put distilled water in a pot with a bowl placed in the middle. Surround the bowl with rose petals, submerged in water.


Step 2

Cover the pot with a lid and place ice cubes on top of the lid while the water in the pot boils. Regularly remove the water that has melted on the lid to keep it from dipping.


Boil petals with distilled water. image via Tiffy Quake


Step 3

After it’s boiled, let it cool and then transfer to a small container.


Making your own rosewater toner is so easy to do. When DIYing this toner, stick with organic roses and either distilled or alkaline water.

We can’t wait to hear about how much you love your new toner.

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